Located in the Bucha city of the Kiev Oblast in Ukraine, this contemporary home called the Prairie House is a project by Yunakov Architecture.  The home was designed as a way to pay tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Robie House dating back to 1909.
The Prairie House has been constructed using brick, copper and bronze in a narrow color palette. The site is surrounded by well landscaped grounds that complement the home’s low-pitched roof with overhanging eaves. Other characteristic elements of this home are the horizontal lines that can be seen anywhere as well as the open floor plan and the clerestory windows that are a reference to the Far East architecture. In fact, the entire design principle of this home gives a hint of traditional Japanese architecture, but we’ll let you decide for yourself.

From the architects: “The hardest part of the task set before us was to “catch” the style and proportions of the great architect F.L Wright. One of the fundamental principles of Wright’s architecture is “pressed” by the roof volume of the house, because of which it seems that the floor height is low, and the house has a pronounced horizontal composition.”

“The second principle is a huge take-out from the front of the roof, which gives a hint of traditional Japanese architecture. The third principle is a large number of covered terraces, which are also stretched by the construction site. According to the flat nature of the relief and the active vertical vegetation, style Wright particularly good “fit” in the area for development. Special attention was attended to functional zoning and building layout. Almost all planning is overflow of the interior spaces with outside covered terraces and landscape.”

“The house consist of hall, dining room, kitchen, office, guest bedrooms and two covered terraces on the ground floor. And 3 bedrooms with bathrooms and an open terrace on the second floor. Also there is indoor parking, which successfully “played” up in the composite solution. The facade is made of hand-modeled clinker, limestone and natural wood. The roof covered with copper. Window system is 106 wooden profile and double-glass.
The whole landscape is worked out with reference to the small Japanese gardens.”